Create an owner

  1. Navigate to Owners and Create an owner
  2. Name the owner (e.g., product analytics)

Linking an owner to Slack enables you to send notifications to a dedicated Slack channel and tag the relevant owner(s) in Slack based on their Slack handle.

  1. Click @Add Slack
    1. If it’s your first time setting up Slack in Synq, click Connect to Slack to give Synq the necessary permissions. See more in Slack integration
  2. Select a Slack channel from the drop-down list to send Synq notifications.
  3. Select one or multiple Slack user handles or Slack user groups to be notified of issues on assets owned by them (optional).


If you want to send alerts to a private Slack channel, you must first type @Synq in the private channel and invite the Synq app.

Linking an owner with one or multiple email addresses lets you notify the relevant owner(s) via email.

  1. Click Add Email to link an owner to an email address.
  2. Click Add Another email to link an owner to another email address (optional).


Add assets to an owner

Synq supports three ways to assign assets to an owner. (1) Data product, (2) Custom query, and (3) All assets.

  1. Click Add owned assets and select one of the three options to add assets to the owner.
    1. Data product—use this to attach an existing data product to the owner
    2. Custom query—use this to specify assets using the Synq browser, or one of the other filter options
    3. All assets—use this if you want to be notified of any issue in your workspace (e.g. if the owner is data team)


Set alerts for an owner (optional)

By setting alerts on an owner, the owner will automatically be notified in the specified Slack channel or email address(es) you specified

  1. To enable alerts for the assets you selected for the owner, toggle Setup alerts
  2. Set the options based on your preference and click continue to set up the owner