Often, the best way to notify end-users of issues is directly in the tools they use on a daily basis. With BI status badges, you can display if there are any issues on or upstream of a chart directly in your BI tool.

Example—A badge in Looker displaying that there’s an ongoing incident on or upstream of a chart

Creating a BI badge

  • Navigate to Products

  • Select the data product that contains the assets that you want to display the status of in your BI tool and navigate to the settings tab

  • Depending on your BI tool, copy the relevant Markdown or SVG URL


  • Navigate to your BI tool and insert a widget that points to the URL above. The level of support for this may vary depending on the BI tool you use

Looker example
If you use Looker, click Add > Markdown and paste the Markdown URL from Synq into the Body


  • Your BI tool will show a tile with the status of the data product. Clicking on the tile brings you back to Synq with an overview of the issues to connect the dots.