You should consider data products based on downstream use cases of your most important data. By setting up data products, you can head to Products for a complete overview of your products and their status.

Data products showing the priority, owner, and status of all monitors and tests


Examples of data products are

Benefits of creating data products

Data products give you an easy way to manage the end reliability of your business-critical data.

  • Understand end-end health—understand all monitors and tests on the data product and its upstream dependencies.
  • Set relevant monitors—one-click monitor setup based on your data product definitions.
  • Define and activate ownership—manage ownership and alerting on the data product level.
  • Communicate uptime & SLAs—see historical issues and share insights around uptime & SLAs of the data product.

Understanding a data product

Data products are simple on the surface but complex under the hood. The key concepts to understand around a data product are lineage, assets, definitions, historical uptime, product health, and upstream health.

A Data Product has four sections:

  1. Overview-key information about the data product assets, current status, and health over the past 15 days.
  2. Issues-a list all the issues that are currently affecting your data product.
  3. Lineage-the relationships between your product’s assets.
  4. Settings-modify your product’s name, alert settings, owner, and assets.


Data Product overview:

  • Product assets—the lineage between the data product and their upstream dependencies. Click on See lineage to see the full lineage.
  • Definition—specifications you’ve defined, such as owner, priority level, and name you defined when setting up the data product. This helps you understand who is notified of issues and with what severity.
  • Health in the last 15 days—the evolution of your product’s health in the past two weeks. The color of the bar shows the most severe error for each day

Creating a data product

  1. Go to Creating a data product

Modifying or deleting a data product

  1. Navigate to Products
  2. Click the three dots for the data product you want to modify and select Settings to edit it or Delete to delete it.