Synq is a data reliability platform designed for model and metric-centric data stacks with a strong emphasis on ownership. It’s built for teams that power business-critical use cases to detect issues in near real-time without needing a full-time data engineer to manage and set up the platform.


Synq is simple on the surface but complex under the hood. This means it’s simple to set up and get going—most customers are up and running in less than 30 minutes. But simultaneously, the platform is powerful and flexible under the hood to support advanced use cases.

Getting started

After you’ve been assigned a Synq workspace, follow these steps for the optimal setup.

  1. Set up the relevant integrations in Synq
  2. Create your first data product
  3. Set up monitors
  4. Invite your team members
  5. Set up owners and alerts

Using Synq

Not yet using Synq?

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