Synq has two user roles: Admin and Member

You can contact an admin user in your workspace if you think you should have admin access. You can see all member roles on the team page


The following functionality is only available to Admin roles.

  • User management
    • Create a new user
    • Delete a user
    • Change user role (member/admin)
  • Monitor management
    • Create monitor
    • Edit monitor
    • Delete monitor
  • Alert management
    • Create an alert
    • Delete an alert
    • Edit an alert
  • Data Product management
    • Create a data product
    • Edit a data product
    • Delete a data product
  • Ownership management
    • Create ownership
    • Edit ownership
    • Delete ownership
  • Importance management
    • Create importance
    • Edit importance
    • Delete importance
  • Integration management
    • Create integration
    • Edit integration
    • Delete integration


Member roles can access and use all Synq functionality but are restricted from creating, editing, or deleting the following: users, monitors, alerts, data products, ownership, importance, and integrations