This guide will walk you through how to send dbt artifacts (manifest.json, catalog.json and run_results.json) to Synq in a secure way.

We need this information so we can access metadata such as runs and test failures. We only access dbt artifacts and won’t be asking for access to other data.

In order to be able to finish this guide you’ll need:
→ To be able to make changes to the tool you use to run dbt (e.g. your Airflow configuration file)

⏱️ Estimated time to finish: 10 minutes.

Integration name

For example dbt core

Generate token

When you click Create you’ll get a token that you need to use in this guide: to send artifacts from your dbt core project to Synq

Relative path to dbt

If your repository contains other platforms such as Looker, we recommend you specify the path to the dbt folder or the integration might not work.