Each owner can be attached to a Slack channel. This enables you to send alerts about issues on specific assets directly to the relevant team.

It’s particularly helpful to route alerts if you have a larger data team and not everyone should be aware of all issues or if you want to notify teams outside of data, such as an upstream engineering team, of issues with assets they own.

Alert being routed to #operations-data-team title

Setting up Slack alert routing for an owner

  1. Create a new owner or edit an existing owner by following the steps in Creating an owner
  2. Set the relevant Slack channel for the owner (e.g., #product-analytics)
  3. Once you’ve created the owner, click Add owned assets to assign assets or data products to the owner

Any issue on assets with an owner with a Slack channel or email associated will automatically be sent there. You can set multiple owners for the same data assets to get alerted in several channels.